PayPal Online Bingo – Fast and safe payments!

PayPal was founded in 1998 and in 2002 it was acquired by eBay. This company changed the way people managed their online payments since it offered a more secure and practical way of making payments. Instead of entering your credit card details at every online shop you visit, PayPal made it possible for customers to fund their safe and secure PayPal account and then use that money for making safe and quick payments.

This idea was gladly accepted by millions of people who now use PayPal as their preferred banking option; hence, many online bingo sites decided to include PayPal as both deposit and withdrawal method. Using PayPal at bingo sites has many advantages because it is instant, free of charge and sometimes it can even get players a preferred payment method bonus. These are some crucial information connected to using PayPal at online bingo sites.

Make Deposits and Request Withdrawals

The reason why so many bingo sites include PayPal as a banking option and why customers use it so frequently is the fact that PayPal can be used both as a deposit and a withdrawal method. In order to make a deposit at a bingo site, you will first have to own a funded PayPal account. However, the depositing process is very simple and all you have to do is select PayPal as preferred deposit option and then enter the deposit amount. Usually, bingo sites have minimum and maximum deposit amounts that can vary from $5-20 minimum and $100-500 maximum deposit. The deposits made via PayPal are, most of the time, instant and users can start playing several minutes after they made the deposit. Withdrawals processing time usually lasts longer and at certain bingo sites it can take up to 3 business days. However, being able to use the same method for both depositing and withdrawing is very convenient.

Is It Safe to Use PayPal as a Preferred Payment Method At Bingo Sites?

Safety is one of the biggest concerns to bingo players who decide to play their favourite game online. People are always insecure when the moment to enter their personal and financial information comes. Understandably, if somebody manages to steal credit/debit card details, the user can suffer losses; hence that is why PayPal is a great banking option. When transferring funds via PayPal, users never enter any details at the bingo site. Therefore, nobody can use PayPal transactions in order to make a fraud. Of course, if someone finds out your PayPal account password, that is another story. In any case, using PayPal at bingo sites is perfectly safe.

How Can I Start Using PayPal to Play Online Bingo Games?

Those who are interested in using PayPal as their preferred deposit and withdrawal method will have to first register a PayPal account. Registering an account at PayPal is fairly easy and on their site there are numerous instructions and explanation that are very helpful and informative. The registration process is usually quick and there are certain personal and financial information that need to be provided during the signing-up. Once you have your PayPal account, you will have to transfer money and fund it. That is the final step before you are able to start using PayPal at online bingo sites. Usually, players have to open the banking page where they can choose to make a deposit or request cashing out via PayPal and then enter the amount of money they wish to transfer. After that step is completed, all you have to do is to wait until your bingo account is funded or until the money is added to your PayPal account.

Is Using PayPal at Bingo Sites Free of Charge?

Naturally, nobody wants to pay fees for making a simple money transfer. Therefore, PayPal users will be happy to find out that making deposits with PayPal is completely free of charge at every bingo site on the Internet. Furthermore, there are even certain sites that offer preferred payment method bonuses from 10% to 20% to users who will use one of the payment methods that are highlighted by the bingo site. Usually, PayPal is on that list and not only you won’t pay any fees, but you can also get more if you use PayPal for making deposits. However, certain fees may be charged when players request withdrawals. At the official PayPal site it is written that receiving money fee is from 2.4% to 3.4% + $0.30; nevertheless, this amount is not that big. Additionally, every other withdrawal method includes fees; hence, this cannot be seen as a downside of using PayPal.