Playing Online Bingo with Android – Make bingo friends on the go!

There are several reasons why bingo became such a popular game on the Internet. First, it is easy to play. The game rules are never complicated and everyone can start playing right away. Second, it is excellent for making friends and chatting thanks to the chat windows that allow people to socialise while playing. Finally, there are some good bingo pot prizes and progressive jackpots that can make really happy those who play real money online bingo.

Wanting to make bingo games available everywhere, bingo sites started launching mobile version of their sites and mobile applications that can be accessed regardless the customers’ location. Some of the most commonly used mobile devices for playing online bingo for real money are Android smartphones and tablets. These products are very good because users can take them everywhere with them and make new bingo friends on the go.

What Bingo Variants Are Available to Android Users?

Bingo as a game has several variants and all of them seem to be popular among players. That is why bingo sites often decide to feature more than one bingo game both at their sites and in their mobile applications. Of course, whether players can play only one or few bingo variants depends on the particular bingo site; nevertheless, these are the most commonly found bingo games that can be played by Android owners:

  • 90-ball bingo – In the opinion of many bingo fans, 90-ball bingo is the most popular bingo variant. This game is played with 90 bingo balls and features unique bingo tickets. The bingo tickets for this game have3x9 lines with five numbers each. The objective of the game is to mark off one, two or three lines. The last combination is known as full house or bingo;
  • 75-ball bingo – This bingo game is considered to be the classic bingo that was played many years ago when the game was first invented. As the name suggests, this game features 75 bingo balls and bingo tickets that have 24 random numbers organised in 5×5 lines. The centre of the ticket is an empty field and players try to hit the winning pattern;
  • 30-ball speed bingo – This bingo variant is not so widely offered to users who play bingo on their Android devices. Nevertheless, if you are in a hurry and want to play a quick game session of bingo – 30-ball speed bingo is all you need;
  • Deal Or No Deal Bingo – This is one of the latest bingo versions presented to bingo fans. Deal Or No Deal Bingo has many similarities with the game called Deal Or No Deal; besides bingo balls and bingo tickets, this game also features special red boxes with unique prizes.

How Can I Play Online Bingo On My Android Device?

Playing bingo on Android devices is very easy is entertaining. Naturally, a must have is a device that runs on the Android operating system and it is not important whether you own a smartphone or a tablet. However, what is important is the version of the Android OS, since usually some older versions are not supported. Once your device is connected to the Internet, you should find a secure bingo site and register an account with it. Understandably, in order to play real money bingo, you will have to make a deposit before you can buy one or more bingo tickets. If you want to buy tickets, you should first choose a bingo room to enter. Inside the room you will have the option to select the tickets you want to buy and then click on the “Buy” button. Then, all you need to do is to wait for the game to start and see whether you have the numbers that are drawn. Since the system automatically marks off the drawn numbers, you have time to use the chat window for socialising and making new friends.

Is It Safe To Use Android Devices For Playing Online Bingo?

Whether it is safe or not to use Android devices for playing online bingo depends solely on the bingo site players decide to join. There are numerous reputable bingo sites that are proven to be safe, secure and that provide fast payouts as well. That is exactly what kind of a bingo site you need to find in order to be sure that your personal and financial information is not shared with third parties. In any case, the most popular bingo sites usually are using data encryption technology so that nobody can succeed in stealing information provided by customers.